Baguio 2010 Teachers’ Month Campaign and World Teachers Day: 

“My Teacher, My Hero”



Brief History and Background
The celebration of World Teachers’ Day started on October 5, 1994.  Since then, this has been celebrated annually across the globe.


This event took off from the UNESCO / ILO (International Labor Organization) “Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers” adopted by the Intergovernmental Conference on October 5, 1966.  This Recommendation, for the first time ever, gave teachers, throughout the world, an instrument that defined their responsibilities and asserted their rights.  On October 5, 1994, UNESCO inaugurated World Teachers’ Day.


World Teacher’s day aims to mobilize support for the teachers across the world and ensure that the needs of future generations are efficiently met by them. The day seeks to acknowledge the dedication and commitment of the teachers of the world towards their profession.


Teachers’ Month Campaign in the Country

Teachers’ Month Campaign in the country started in 2008 through the participation of key business, academic institutions and private organizations on education.  The aim is to contribute to the development of the teaching profession in the country.


The 2010 Teachers’ Month Campaign and the World Teachers Day are consistent with this objective.


Baguio 2010 Teachers’ Month Campaign and World Teachers’ Day
Concept, Objectives


To celebrate the spirit of the World Teachers’ Day and consistent with the Deped Memorandum No. 352 s. 2010, Baguio City teachers through BCSTEA and in coordination with ASSERT will join the global commemoration of the Intergovernmental Conference Resolution in 1966.


Baguio 2010 Teachers’ Month Campaign and World Teachers’ Day is a month-long celebration to honor and acknowledge the contributions of untiring teachers as they perform their strategic social roles in shaping Philippine society.  Likewise, the Campaign would tackle current issues and concerns that are obstacles in the full development of the teaching profession, of teachers themselves, and of the society that they should help build. 


The Campaign would focus on building awareness among teachers and education workers about their rights as they enjoin schools and academic institutions, PTAs, student organizations and the rest of Baguio communities in making teachers’ rights a public concern. 


Target Activities and Schedules

The one – month celebration would kick off on September 3 through a press conference of Baguio teacher – leaders.  The press conference would announce the one-month campaign and the teacher – leaders’ commitment in improving the plight of teachers as a necessary step in positively contributing to the full development of society. 


The masses of teachers belonging to the rank and file would dramatize participation in the campaign by “wearing ribbons of teachers’ rights” as insured in the Magna Carta for teachers.  This hopes to contribute in the teachers’ awareness of these rights and in demanding for its full implementation.


After the kick – off, each faculty association is encouraged to come up with school level activity/ies celebration.  There will also be streamer hanging in the schools.  The streamers will contain the theme of the campaign and the main/major content of the Magna Carta.


The culmination and highlight of the Campaign will be the World Teachers’ Day celebration on October 5.  (Please choose from the list below for the culmination activity):

  1. Baguio – wide teachers’ forum about Magna Carta and GSIS issues.  After the forum, teachers would conduct a candle parade from the venue of the forum down to People’s Park where a short program will be held.  The candles and the teachers’ rights (in placards) will be displayed in People’s Park to contribute in making it a public concern.

  2. Parade from the venue of the forum and would end up in a dialogue with the City Mayor and City Council asking for their role in realizing the full implementation of the Magna Carta, and what they could give to teachers consistent with what is stipulated in the Magna Carta.

  3. Forum and press conference of teacher – leaders, highlighting the achievements of the one – month campaign.

The following issues / topics are suggested for teachers’ school level discussions and Baguio – wide teachers’ forum:

  1. The Basic Teachers’ Rights According to the Magna Carta for Teachers
  2. The GSIS and Its Reason for Being:  Teachers’ Welfare or Teachers’ Burden?
  3. Paralegal Rights for Teachers
  4. Teachers and the Magna Carta of Women
  5. Teachers’ Leadership Training



The whole Campaign will be supervised and spearheaded by BCSTEA in coordination with ASSERT.  Assert could assist in the seminars/forums about the identified issues/topics.  Faculty associations and other school level organizations would take care of school level activities. 





Prepared for BCSTEA Discussion

August 28, 2010 / Assert


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